Spirits Soar After January Teacher Convention

On January 6 – 8, teachers from the south and the north, the east and the west, gathered under the collaborative umbrella of the Florida Conference to engage with God, their community, and each other. National, state, and local presenters and trainers ministered to the hearts, minds, and souls of educators who often find that time is elusive and in short supply. Many of the presenters and trainers were our very own educators in the Florida Conference Office of Education (FLCOE). The convention was a grand family reunion where friends fellowshipped in faith and yes, with food!

With love, the Florida Conference planned and invited the teachers to simply come. With joy, the teachers responded and as a result, our spirits were transported together to a place where we commune with God and each other; where we appreciate the beauty of education; and where we soar above all the noise to realize once more, that what we do for children, is so very worth it!