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Teacher Update - March 23

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Canvas Teaching Tips - see link to the right

Engage with your community! Great Example from Sung Adventist Academy

How to Support Home Learning in Elementary Grades - Edutopia

StepUp Q&A

Physical Education Resources

WELNET - PE Webinar - Choose one - Preregistration required

PE Resources and Tools

SDA PE Teachers


Be aware that you may have to do a calendar change and make up the missed hours by increasing the length of day or adding days onto the end of the calendar year


Learning must continue for our students while they’re away from the school site. Teachers, you might use your regular newsletter, school email, or FACTS SIS email to communicate with parents.

Send home textbooks, assignments, and the number of daily minutes for the learning platforms such as: Dreambox, Lexia, and Reading Plus that students need to complete. We suggest an hour/day for each program in addition to the time spent on reading and homework assignments.

Please run daily Dreambox, Lexia, and Reading Plus reports to be sure that students have signed into their programs and are completing their modules/units, then communicate the expectations and usage to parents. Monitor Dreambox Classroom and Student Stats to identify struggling students that may need assistance. (https://support.dreambox.com/s/article/How-Can-I-See-If-a-Student-Is-Struggling)

Epic Digital Library the Leading Digital Library for Kids 12 & Under

Curriculum Pathways Reading Records - Monitor reading skills in a more time-efficient manner. Students read and record a passage, answer related quiz questions, and retell what they've read in their own words. The tool's library contains numerous reading passages (various Lexile® levels, both fiction and nonfiction); teachers can also generate passages themselves.


Schools that are using K-8 Big Ideas Math: Modeling Real Life can access the online platform to create digital assignments and encourage student use of the Dynamic Classroom for teaching and tutorial videos. Teachers can keep records for student activity here as well. If you need help, please contact Sabrina.

Those that do not have access to Big Ideas Math online platform should consider other math resources.


For more math, distance-learning resources, to connect and collaborate with other FLCOE teachers, and to share your ideas, join a FLCOE Teams Professional Learning Community. Follow the links below.


Keep a record of attendance based on students signing on and completing their work on the learning platforms. We will address later how to record attendance on FACTS SIS while students are not physically at school, but if schools close before we sort it out, please keep a running record of attendance from student’s work on the learning platforms. Please use the new OL code to record a student present for online attendance.


Since K-2 uses badges to access Clever, please send their badges home along with a login information in case they’re not able to use the badges. You can set up students to use their login information so they can sign into Clever. If you need help, please contact Mel and Betty Jean.


Assign points for a specific number of minutes that students read books at home – alone or with a parent. Ex: 20 minutes of book reading a day for K – 2; 30 minutes of book reading for 3-5; and 45 minutes for book reading for 6-8.

Choose a way for students to return assignments to you. You might keep this part to a minimum since all students might not be able to scan and email. Students might take pictures of their completed assignments and email it to you.

Keep a grade record book for the K-2 group and assign points for programs usage, book logs, and assignments completed.

Grades 3-8 keep gradebook updated in FACTS SIS and enable the family grade reporting or send email to parents about progress and grades.

Many of you use Schoology and we will have Canvas which is similar, as another option for you to use as a work platform. You might use Teams for face to face conferences with your students or YouTube Channel to share content video for students. Schools with Big Ideas can also use that learning platform. Please be as creative and accommodating as possible in order to ensure that learning continues for our students.

We have received a great resource sheet from Step UP that provides great ideas for instructional learning activities for your students. Please use it freely.

For the latest update from our conference, please visit our website at: https://www.flcoe.org and monitor Teams.

Peace & Courage,