Our Team

Frank Runnels
Vice-President, Education / Superintendent of Schools
George Carrazana
Associate Superintendent / Finance
Lori Thieme
Associate Superintendent / Early Childhood
Merili Wyatte
Associate Superintendent / Curriculum
Sabrina Miler
Associate Superintendent / Math, Coaching, Collaboration
Stephen Herr
Associate Superintendent / Administration
Robert Henley
Director of Innovation / Instructor for Schools
Mel Wade
Technology Coordinator / Instructor for Schools
Mark Hillburn
School Technology Specialist
Mayra Rodriguez
School Psychologist / Special Needs / School Supervisor
Neil Hawkins
Digital Content Coordinator for Schools
Dilyn Henry
Licensed Mental Health Counselor for Schools
Betty Nugent
PBL Coordinator for Innovation
Cheryl Gold
Executive Office Administrator / Education Liaison
Anjie Schlussler
Administrative Assistant / Finance / Substitute Payroll / Reimbursements
Elaine Szabo
Administrative Assistant / Teacher Certification / School Accreditation
Judy Suarez
Administrative Assistant / Early Childhood / 3-8 Curriculum
Raquel Sousa
Administrative Assistant / Coaching / FTK Collaboratives