FACTS SIS/Renweb Support

The FACTS SIS SDA Account Managers:

Nickey Rodgers
Direct Line: 817-984-0430
Email: nrodgers@factsmgt.com

Schools may also contact the Customer Support Line at 866-800-6593. From the Main Menu, instead of selecting “Option 1 for Customer Support” select Option 5, “If you know your party’s extension” and then state the name of one of the above account managers – this will ring our phones directly. If we’re on another call or away from our desk, it will drop into our voicemail. Please leave a message with the school’s District Code, name, and a brief explanation of the issue you’re experiencing.

Email is also a great way to contact us regarding issues.

Within FACTS SIS, schools have a way to pull a report^ to show who their Account Manager is and our basic contact information (email/ Customer Support phone number).

  1. From the Main Menu of the SIS, select Report Manager
  2. Select the Category of Administration
  3. Select the report of *Account Manager Contact Information
  4. Print

^ – The Account Manager Report is viewable based on Security Group Rights. Please contact one of us if you or your staff are unable to see the report.

Please Note: The SDA Account Members are not available on our Customer Support Chat System.